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About Us

about us

Cutesy Cupcakes was born in 2011 when Janeen, Jeanette and Lacey (mother, daughter and granddaughter) transformed their love of sweets into a creative, family-centered business in Santa Cruz County—one in Scotts Valley.

The idea of a cupcake shop evolved when Jeanette and Lacey attend the Culinary Program at Cabrillo College under the direction of Anne Baldzikowski, and then when Lacey surprised everyone with a large, colorful cupcake tattoo on her foot, it seemed meant to be!

The business started at home with baking done in a toaster oven. Cupcake tins had to be sawed in half to fit into the tiny oven. In the next phase, they baked at a commercial oven and took internet orders. Finally in December 2012, they opened their first shop near Safeway in Scotts Valley.

Two significant events included a road trip to Texas to pick up a cupcake truck which they use at events throughout the bay area and the other was an opportunity to participate in Food Network’s Cupcake Wars in June 2013 (aired in Sept 2013). Though they didn’t win it was a wonderful experience, once they finished crying their eyes out!

They love making delectable cupcakes and are constantly creating new flavors and decorations. The goal is for their customers to exclaim “how cute!”

“Too much of a good thing can be wonderful!” -Mae West