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Burnt Almond Cake


Three layers of almond cake and vanilla pastry cream, frosted with almond buttercream frosting and edged with a band of toasted, crushed, candied almonds.

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Everything on our cupcakes is edible. Our embellishments are hand molded at our shop and made from tinted white chocolate. Because these embellishments are not vegan, most of our vegan cupcakes do not come with an embellishment.

If you are going to serve your cupcakes the day they are purchased they can sit out at room temperature. To keep them for a couple of days, store them in the refrigerator. Longer than that, keep them in the freezer and they will be fresh as ever after allowing them several hours to thaw. For Vegan cupcakes, always store in the refrigerator since the frosting is very heat sensitive. Enjoy!

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6 inch round cake, 8 inch round cake


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